What is Layr2?

A place to learn about cool stuff and important news in the blockchain space. The feed is community-powered and manipulation-resistant.

Who’s it for?

Everybody who’s frustrated with the low signal-to-noise ratio of blockchain info and the huge time-investment needed to keep up with what matters while filtering out what doesn’t.

Who maintains the feed?

Concourse Open Community

How does the feed work?

Here’s the basic flow—

Links are Suggested—>Nominated—>Upvoted—>Published

  • Anybody can suggest a link
  • Once suggested, the link can be nominated by a Curator
  • Once nominated, the link can be upvoted by Curators
  • After enough upvotes, the link is published to the feed by the Layr2 bot

Where does all this happen?

In the Concourse Open Community Discord. The process is open, transparent, and available for anybody to see (or take part in). And of course the live feed lives here.

Who can get involved in the process?

Anybody. Start by joining the Concourse Discord. Suggest a link. Apply to be a Curator.

How do I suggest a link?

Drop a link in the #layr2-suggest channel in the Concourse Discord. Only high-quality blockchain-related links will ultimately make it to the feed.

How do I become a Curator?

Apply here.

What’s in it for me?

Actively grow + shape the community; help maintain an alternative to manipulated, self-interested news sources

Have I heard of Concourse Open Community?

We’re also responsible for ConcourseQ (of Terrible Token Tuesdays), Settle, Dapped, and more. And we really are an open community - if you want to be a part of it, just join our Discord.

Where can I learn more about Layr2?

Short video explainer